Kyisha’s Korner Boutique was started In 1995 after Kyisha (Kai-E-sha) became a mother at 17 years old with her first child Khalia . Kyisha was very grateful to be employed part- time, but wanting more forherself and her daughter she was inspired to start a side business selling printed socks. Routinely, she would go out selling her socks in surrounding communities, in customers homes, and vending at local events.

In 1996 her side sock business was flourishing, and she gained the name“ Sock Lady”. Over the years and the business became more than just socks, she began selling women’s handbags, accessories, and more!

On February 18th 2012, Kyisha was blessed to open Kyisha’s Korner, a store in her very own hometown of Montclair N.J. where she worked as an educator in the school system for the board of education. Kyisha was able to continue to engage and support the youth in her community by providing volunteer hours at her store. Kyisha’s Korner was more than just a business , it was a stable in the community. Kyisha’s Korner organized events such as teen movie night, back to school drives called “Caring Cuts & Styles with Smiles” , and where the youth could have a safe place to socialize and have open forums. In April of 2013, she humbly received the National Council of Negro Women’s Business Award, October of 2013 she received the NAACP Madam C.J Walker Business Award, and countless certificates, letters of thank you, and earning other great awards with honor.


In July of 2013 Kyisha endured a very bad car accident and, unfortunately as a result had to close the business. Missing all the Wonderful connections and personalities that were made, Kyisha kept her head and her spirits up knowing if God gave it to you once he will give it to you again!

Even though Kyisha’s Korner in Montclair was closed, over the years she was determined to build her business back. She returned where it all started for her, in the communities selling merchandise, doing more and more vending events and hosting Ladies Nights to showcase All of her new inventory in the surrounding New Jersey Area.

On August 15, 2017, God may have closed one door but he doesn’t do it without opening another door. I am here to say with my strength, my consistency, and my commitment to follow my dreams I am joyous to say Kyisha’s Korner Boutique is back! located in the Historic District of Sanford Florida.


Always remember to NEVER, EVER! GIVE UP and at Kyisha’s Korner Boutique where you are “BLESSED WITH THE BEST FOR LESS .“